The FORMHAND technology

A Formhand gripper basically consists of a base frame with connection to an air blower, an air-permeable cushion with a granulate filling and a textile outer skin. The functional principle of the whole system is based on gripping by vacuum and form closure, the shape adaptation by the flowing granulate and a solidification of the gripping cushion by the airflow.

This functional principle enables three different operating states of the gripper cushion, which can be changed almost seamlessly. The gripper cushion can be freely deformable or completely solid. In between those states is a condition in which the cushion can be deformed, but the current shape is stored.

Formhand Technologie, Funktionsprinzip

Characteristics of the FORMHAND technology

  • The high adaptability of the gripper cushion makes Formhand grippers a universally applicable handling technology, so that product-specific grippers are no longer required.

  • In the process, the gripper cushion automatically adapts itself to the most diverse shapes of the gripping material, so that no further measures are required to change the component.

  • A Formhand gripper enables the gripping of sensitive, limp and hot objects, which so far has only been possible with high technical and financial expenditures.